William Evans Bennett 


Henderson County, Kentucky Biography


William Evans BENNETT was born on 27 Jan 1814, on the place he spent his life.  He was a son of Evans BENNETT and Elizabeth MORRIS, natives of Virginia and North Carolina.  Mr. BENNETT was educated at the country schools of his neighborhood.  The school house where he was taught was a rude log hut with one door and a large dirt chimney.  I have often heard him say that when his teacher, for any cause, proposed to apply the rod to him, his first object was to get between him and the chimney, and then make his escape by that outlet, which was almost as easy as going out of the door.

Mr. BENNETT was all his life a farmer, and, by close application and hard work, possessed himself of a competency sufficient to raise a large family of children and keep him and those who lived with him in his old age in comfortable circumstances.

For many years he served his county as magistrate and was one of the most highly respected upon the bench.  He was a plain, unassuming, Christian gentleman, full of life and humor, honest and temperate in all things.  He bore no man malice; was a kind, congenial neighbor, and as greatly respected as any man who has lived in the county.  Mr. BENNETT died several years since, leaving a large family of children. 

William Evans BENNETT married Sarah Adkins MOSS in 1841.  Sarah was the daughter of Joshua and Sallie Griffin MOSSWilliam divided 645 acres among 8 children.  Children of this union:

        John Archibald BENNETT b) 12 Oct 1842, d) 15 Jul 1923 married 12 Oct 1865 (Book 7, Page 21) to Dora Cooksey b) 10 Feb 1848, d) 12 Oct 1932 at Zion.

        William Evans BENNETT b) 1844, d) 23 Jul 1903 married 17 Dec 1878 (Book 15, Page 311) to Cornelia J. NEGLEY b) 1858, d) 10 Oct 1944.

        James Rankin BENNETT b) 23 Jun 1847, d) 05 Dec 1930 married 15 Feb 1872 (Book 11, Page 448) to Laura Love HICKS b) 23 Apr 1853, d) 01 Jul 1897.

        Edward Davis BENNETT b) 18 Jul 1849, d) 06 Aug 1926 married 11 May 1870 (Book 10, page 162) to Mary Jane "Mollie" ROBERTSON b) 06 Sep 1846, d) 16 Feb 1923.

        Joseph David BENNETT b) 31 Mar 1851, d) 21 Mar 1915 married 03 Feb 1876 (Book 14, Page 427) to Lillie J. WILLIAMS.

        Thomas Henry BENNETT b) 1853, d) 07 Jul 1930 married 01 Feb 1877 (Book 15, Page 32) to Nora LANGLEY b) 17 Mar 1856, d) 06 May 1938.

        Sarah "Sallie" BENNETT b) 20 Jan 1855, d) 05 Jan 1940 married 17 May 1877 (Book 15, Page 69) to Benjamin F. HATCHETT.

        Lucy Ann BENNETT b) 22 Apr 1857, d) 07 Jul 1898 married 30 Nov 1882 (Book 17, Page 571) to Dr. Charles F. NEGLEY b) 1854, d) 1931. (Parents of William Bennett & Cornelia Bennett Negley)

Starling's History of Henderson County, KY, Page 722 and Society Family Files




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