Cornelia Bennett "Sissie" Negley
born March 31, 1887
died January 22, 1976, Owensboro, Kentucky at age 88.


Cornelia Bennett "Sissie" Negley born March 31, 1887
Sissie died 1-22-1976 in Owensboro, KY, age 88
Cornelia Bennett "Sissie" Negley Cornelia Bennett "Sissie" Negley


William Bennett Negley
her brother
William Bennett Negley born October 2, 1890
died 3-18-70 age 79
William H. Negley
Sissie's father


Sissie and William Sissie and William Pictures of Sissie and William as kids. As I recall, Susie, the black lady at far left, helped raise them after their mother died. She was deaf, but I remember Pops saying she did not miss much where they were concerned.


Cornelia, cousin William and Alma Negley Bet Talley and Cornelia Negley Charles F. and Cornelia Negley, father and daughte
I wonder if this was taken on the Negley farm where tobacco grew.


     Sissie's PHOTO PIN a very bearded great grandfather, circa 1870.  View 

      PHOTO BROOCH  of my favorite Aunt Sissie (Cornelia Bennett Negley), circa 1910.

   Sissie's PHOTO PIN of three uncles.   View


  Cornelia Bennett Negley  


Cornelia, Charles F. and William B. Negley Cornelia Negley on left  


Cornelia Negley, 3rd row left    


Mrs. W. H. (Alma) Negley Charles Farrow Negley
buried at Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky, 9-20-1931
Alma, Charles F., Rosalee and Cornelia Negley
Rosalee Negley buried at Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky 6-6-1947


Cornelia and Rosalee Negley, cousins Chester Cunningham
perhaps a beau of Cornelia's
Rosalee Negley


Sissie's beau? Harvey Oliver



     VICTORIAN ring with an emerald, a sapphire and a diamond, circa 1882, very faint remains of engraved date and initials "C__" inside the band as well as a partial date "'82", but the marks have worn off over time. It is a size 5-1/8 and 1/2" along the finger. This is a family piece from my mother's side..  View   View   View   View  #G22937

  10 KARAT bar pin with my Great Aunt's initials on it, "CBN" for Cornelia Bennett Negley, circa 1910.   View   View



  Cornelia Negley
2nd row from top, 3rd from right (circled)
Sissie's Lab Tech degree
May 18th, 1929


(Aunt) Mary Lehman Cornelia Negley and Rachael Haley
Rachael and Jane
Mary Lehman's cottage in Florida.   Cornelia Negley & Mary Lehman


Cornelia Negley and (Aunt) Mary Lehman Cornelia Negley and Rachael Haley


Sissie reading in her rocking chair. Sissie  


Sissie ready for church,
724 Monroe NE Albuquerque, NM
Sissie 1967  


Cornelia Bennett Negley
724 Monroe N.E., Albuquerque, NM
Cornelia Bennett Negley

Cornelia and her 1st Baptist Church
Sunday School Group


Last Name First Name MI Age Death Place Residence Death Date Volume Certificate Death Volume Post-ems
NEGLEY  CORNELIA  088  DAVIESS  DAVIESS  01-22-1976  001  00315  1976 
NEGLEY  ROSA  070  HENDERSON  HENDERSON  06-05-1947  027  13172  1947 






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