Lucy King Negley
Born October 4, 1921, Owensboro, Kentucky
Married Edwin Haley December 26th, Owensboro, Kentucky
Died August 31, 1999, Albuquerque, New Mexico


  Lucy King Negley   Lucy King Negley born October 4, 1921 in Owensboro, KY;
died August 25, 1999 in Albuquerque, NM
   Jean and Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson born September 2, 1914 in Henderson, KY; 
Jean A Wilson born July 18, 1917 in Henderson, KY


  1414 Waverly Place, Owensboro, Kentucky
Lucy King Negley


Charles F Negley and Lucy King Negley Charles Farrow Negley and Lucy Negley,
Grandfather and grand-daughter
Taken at the house at 1414 Waverly Place, Owensboro, Kentucky circa 1928


  Charles F, Cornelia and Lucy Negley, 3 generations
Taken at the house at 1414 Waverly Place, Owensboro, Kentucky circa 1928


Newspaper clipping from Owensboro paper about the holly tree in the front yard of 1414 Waverly Place, Owensboro, KY, where Lucy Negley (Haley) grew up. 1414 Waverly Place, Owensboro, Kentucky Mabel and Lucy


Lucy Negley and Jean Hughes   Lucy wearing Ed's wings


  Lucy, Edwin & Cornelia Lucy June 1941


Lucy wearing Ed's wings. Lucy Negley  


Ed and Lucy's wedding, 6:00 OM December 26th, Owensboro, Kentucky
front porch of the Negley house at 1414 Waverly Lane
Lucy King Negley b. 10-4-1921
married Edwin Dalton Haley b. 4-9-1920
and they had 3 children born from 1947-1955
Jane Todd Haley b. 4-5-1947 Washington D.C.;
Steven Scott Haley b. 3-18-1950 Oxford, Ohio;
Mark Winston Haley b.11-7-1955 Albuquerque, New Mexico


  Wedding Cake.  




Lucy Negley and Sarah  


Rachael Atherton Haley, Cornelia "Sissie" Bennett Negley, Lucy Negley Haley and Mabel (Mrs. Charles) Haley Mabel, Rachael and Lucy Haley Luc and Jackie
Audubon Park 1941


  Ed & Lucy 1945  


Lucy as Red Cross nurse's aid    


  Lucy and Jane  


Marcia, Susan and Jane Haley's 1959
724 Monroe NE, Albuquerque NM


Bonnie, Bill and Lucy Lucy's Owensboro visit  






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