Dr. William Bennett Negley
born October 2, 1890
died March 18, 1970, Owensboro, Kentucky


Charles F Negley (Philip Dudley Negley3, George W Negley2, Philip Negley1) was born 12 JUL 1854 in Spottsville, Henderson Co., Ky, and died 1931 in Henderson Co., KY. He married Lucy Ann Bennett 28 NOV 1882 in Henderson Co, KY,
Children of Charles F Negley and Lucy Ann Bennett were (1) William Bennett Negley, was born 1891, and died 18 MAR 1970 in Davis Co., KY. He married Agnes King, daughter of Henry Harrison King and Emma Dixon Compton. She was born 1892 in Henderson Co.,  Kentucky and (2) sister Cornelia Bennett Negley.
Lucy Ann Bennett was the daughter of William Evans Bennett and Sarah Adkins Moss. She was born 22 APR 1857 in Henderson Co., KY; married Charles Farrow Negley on 28 November, 1882, in Henderson Co, KY; and died 7 JUN 1898 in Henderson Co., KY. , buried at Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky. Lucy Ann Bennett was born 22 APR 1857  daughter of William Evans Bennett and Sarah Adkins Moss in Henderson Co., KY,
died 7 June or July 1898 in Henderson Co., KY. ,
buried at Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky


Dr. Charles Farrow Negley with Sissie
CF Negley born July12, 1854;
buried at Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky, 9-20-1931

per ancestry.com. married Lucy Bennett November 30, 1882 in Henderson, KY
Lucy Bennett Negley
Born April 22, 1857; died June 7, 1898
married CF Negley
Ann Negley, probably died young
Cornelia Bennett Negley born March 31, 1887
William Bennett Negley born October 2, 1890
Lucy Bennett Negley


Phillip Dudley Negley
brother of Charles F Negley & Lucy Bennett Negley
Rosalee and Alma Negley, cousins of Cornelia and William B. Negley
Name: Miss Rosa Lee Negley
Death Date: 5 Jun 1947
Death Location: Henderson
Residence Location: Henderson
Age: 70
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 28 Dec 1876
Birth Location: Henderson, Kentucky
Father's Name: William H Negley
Father's Birth Location: Henderson, Kentucky
Mother's Name: Alma Smith
Mother's Birth Location: Henderson, Kentucky


Last Name First Name MI Age Death Place Residence Death Date Volume Certificate Death Volume Post-ems
NEGLEY  WILLIAM  079  DAVIESS  DAVIESS  03-18-1970  012  05660  1970
Last Name First Name MI Age Death Place Residence Death Date Volume Certificate Death Volume Post-ems
NEGLEY  HENRIETTA    082  DAVIESS  DAVIESS  03-26-1997  013  06426  1997 
William Bennett Negley born October 2, 1890
died 3-18-70 age 79
William Bennett Negley


Sissie and William Sissie and William Cornelia, cousin William and Alma Negley


  Negley Home, Zion, Kentucky  


William H. Negley Pictures of Sissie and William as kids. As I recall, Susie, the black lady at far left, helped raise them after their mother died. She was deaf, but I remember Pops saying she did not miss much where they were concerned. Charles F. and Cornelia Negley,
father and daughter


William Bennett Negley Cornelia, Charles F. and William B. Negley William Bennett Negley


  "Dad and me, 1913"  


Charles Farrow Negley and William Bennett Negley,
father and son
William Bennett Negley
World War I
William Bennett Negley
from Owensboro Messenger Inquirer newspaper
late 1990's


What does "MRC" stand for on William's dog tags?

Medical Reserve Corps   "On June 30, 1909, a little over a year after the program was established, 364 Medical Reserve Corps officers have been commissioned. Of these, 184 are on active duty. Seven years later, on June 30, 1916, MRC officers outnumber Regular Army doctors by four to one (1,903 MRC officers to 443 RA medical officers). The MRC ceased to exist on June 3, 1917, when its members were transferred to the Officers Reserve Corps."

Two pieces of legislation affect the Army Reserve the first week of June in 1916, 1917 and 1920. On June 3, 1916, the National Defense Act of 1916 establishes by statute, the Officers Reserve Corps, the Enlisted Reserve Corps and the Reserve Officers Training Corps. The 1916 Act also called for the Medical Reserve Corps -- which was the first federal reserve force created on April 23, 1908 -- to be merged into the Officers Reserve Corps. This took place on June 3, 1917, when the Medical Reserve Corps ceased to exist and its members were commissioned in the Officers Reserve Corps as members of the Medical Officers Reserve Corps (ORC and ERC members were further designated according to their branch, such as Field Artillery Officers Reserve Corps, Signal Enlisted Reserve Corps, etc.).
Medical Reserve Corps  
< General Orders Number 123, dated 6 Aug 1908, provided a new insignia
for the Medical ReserveCorps, created in the same year..  The devise was
described as a gilt caduceus of the Medical Corps with the letters " R
C"  in monogram superimposed in bronze.......>

Taken from:  History  Of The Combat Support Branches - Leon W 
Laframboise   1977
 Maraceline, Missouri, Watson Publishing - Library Of Congress, Catalong
Card No.: 77-15723
DOG TAGS Following World War I, the National Defense Act of 1920 is passed on June 4, 1920. This act defines the Army as consisting of the Regular Army, the National Guard and the Organized Reserves. The Regular Army is authorized 296,000 officers and enlisted men, the National Guard is authorized a strength of 435,000 and the size of the Organized Reserve is unrestricted. The country is divided into nine corps areas. Each corps area was to have at least one National Guard or Organized Reserve division. Additionally, the 1920 Act re-stated the 1916 Act's provisions creating the ORC, the ERC and ROTC. By September, 1920, War Department plans called for each of the nine corps areas in the United States to maintain three OR infantry divisions. By March, 1922, all twenty-seven OR infantry divisions had skeletal headquarters organizations.


  Mrs. WH (Alma) Negley  


William Bennett Negley Henrietta Dean Negley
died 3-26-97 age 82
William Bennett Negley


Pops & Henrietta "Hi Jane & Steve, Let's take a ride!"
Maceo, Kentucky
Henrietta Dean Negley


  • ID: I04466
  • Name: William Bennett Negley 1
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1891 1
  • Death: 18 MAR 1970 in Davis Co., KY 1

    Father: Charles F Negley b: 12 JUL 1854 in Spottsville, Henderson Co., Ky
    Mother: Lucy Ann Bennett b: 22 APR 1857 in Henderson Co., KY

    Marriage 1 Agnes King b: 1892 in Henderson Co., KY


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      Text: Date of Import: Sep 15, 2001
  •   William Bennett Negley  


    Charles F. Negley
    FERNWOOD Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky
    Burial place for Agnes and many other Negleys and Kings


    Ann E Negley. wife of P.D. Negley, Sept.
    born Sep. 23, 1832, died April 16, 1880
    Grave is in Zion, Kentucky
    Ann E Negley. wife of P.D. Negley, Sept.
    born Sep. 23, 1832, died April 16, 1880
    Grave is in Zion, Kentucky
    Lucy Bennett
    April 22, 1857, June 7, 1898
    Zion, Kentucky


    Nagle family crest
    The Irish name Nagle is derived from the Norman surname de Angulo and was brought to the country during the twelfth century. Nagle is the Cork form of the name whereas the Leinster form is Nangle. The Gaelic form is de Nogla and it is in the Southern Counties that the majority of descendants can still today be found.
    NAGLE hand painted framed Coat of Arms (Sissie's)

    The name is also a Munster surname, found mostly in County Cork where it was derived from the Norman name de-Angulo. On May 29th, 1862, General James NEGLEY <no relation to us that I know of> commanded an expedition, starting from Columbia, Tennessee immediately in front of the city. On June 7th and 8th, and after a march of 192 miles reached the heights opposite Chattanooga - the first Union troops ever in front of the city - in the afternoon of June 7th, 1862. This preceded the battle of Perryville, Kentucky, October 8th 1862.
    Source: https://www.4crests.com/negley-coat-of-arms.html
    The Nagle coat of arms came into existence centuries ago. The process of creating coats of arms (also often called family crests) began in the eight and ninth centuries. The new art of Heraldry made it possible for families and even individual family members to have their very own coat of arms.

    Nancy Hart 


      Fall Creek, Indiana  




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    Webb to Haley
    William D Haley, Sr.
    Charles Haley
    William D. Haley, Jr.
    Edwin Dalton Haley
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    Alney Atherton
    Rachael Frances Atherton
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