Agnes Jeanette King
(Mother of Lucy King Negley)
born August 8, 1891 in Corydon, KY;
married William Bennett Negley June 12, 1920;
died November 19, 1930, age 39.
Paternal grandparents: George W KING and Mary QUINN
Maternal Grandfather: George Lewis COMPTON
Maternal Grandmother: (Mary) Susan TALBOT
Father: Henry Harrison KING b: 22 Mar 1856 in Kentucky
Mother: Emma Dixon COMPTON b: 8 Jul 1859 in Kentucky



  PHOTO PIN Great Aunt Mary and Grandmother Agnes King as young girls, 1890's.   View Mary and Agnes King, sisters.
Mary Compton King born January 16, 1886 in Corydon, KY;
married J. Thomas Wilson June 30, 1913;
died 3/6/1977 and buried in Fernwood Cemetery, KY.
Agnes Jeanette King


Agnes' LAVALIERE of 10k yellow gold pendant set with 2mm round pearls, one fresh water rice pearl and one 3.5mm square cut  ruby, circa 1910.   #Q22924

  Agnes' LAVALIERE 10k yellow gold pendant set with three Ceylon sapphires brilliant cut stones, three freshwater rice pearls and an approximate .06 ct. old cut diamond, circa 1910.  #Q22925

Agnes' Seed pearl starburst brooch with pendant loop, set in 14k yellow gold, circa 1900. Seed pearl jewelry.  #Q22923   


Agnes Jeanette King From Henry King Bible:
Agnes Jeanette King married William Bennett Negley, M.D. at Corydon, Kentucky on the 15th day of June, 1920.
Witnesses H. H. King and Dr. C. F. Negley
Married by Rev. C.M. Johnson
Agnes Jeanette King


   GOLD ladies cuff links with Grandmother's initials, "AJK" for Agnes, circa 1910.

ELGIN lady's open face 14 karat gold pocket watch engraved with the initials "AJK" for Agnes J King. This was my Jane's college graduation gift from Lucy.   View   #w20423 

 PIETRA DURA floral brooch with pink rose, lily-of-the-valley, morning glory and forget-me-not, c-catch and tube hinge, circa 1910, 1". This belonged to Agnes.    #AGpd 


Agnes was born on August 8th, 1891, in her family home in Corydon, Kentucky. He father Henry Harrison King (b. March 22, 1856) was a merchant and an insurance adjuster. Her mother Emma Dixon King of Henderson KY (b. July 8th, 1859) was a housewife. According to Lucy, she was an elegant dressy lady. Agnes had an older sister, Mary Compton King (b. January 16, 1886).

William and Agnes were married June 16th 1920 they lived in Sorgo just west of Owensboro Kentucky. They moved into town when Lucy started school and lived from then on at 1414 Waverly Place, Owensboro, Kentucky.
Agnes 1891-1930 MARRIAGE certificate.  View   #a28429
William B. Negley to Agnes J. King
Corydon, Kentucky, June 15th, 1920


       18k YELLOW GOLD band with gypsy set diamond, engraved inside "AJK" for Agnes Jeanette King, my grandmother, circa 1910.   View   View    #Gajk 

 SIGNET ring with the initials "JHC", circa 1900, a family piece.   View   View  #G22936

 PEARL cross-over ring, circa 1910.  Each daughter in our family receives a pearl ring on her 16th birthday as a family tradition.     #Gco 


Agnes Jeanette King Agnes Jeanette King Agnes Jeanette King


   CAMEO in 14 karat twist setting. She has an anchor motif at her shoulder and a star in her hair, circa 1900. My Grandfather bought it for his wife, my Grandmother Agnes, when he was stationed in Italy during WWI.   #Uagnes2

 Agnes' CAMEO ring, brought back from Italy after WWI for my grandmother fromm my grandfather.   View    View #G22928

   CAMEO  A very special cameo. My Grandfather bought it for his wife, my Grandmother Agnes, when he was stationed in Italy during WWI.    #Uagnes1


H.H. King house, Corydon, Kentucky Charles King house, Corydon, Kentucky FERNWOOD Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky
Burial place for Agnes and many other Negleys and Kings




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