Alney Atherton


Alney Atherton


Alney was County Commissioner for District 3 from 1940-3, which may have included the Highland, Nob Hill, Altura Park, Bel-Air,
Parkland Hills and Alta Monte areas of Albuquerque.


According to a document which I found on line,
"Searching for Pancho <Villa>: the Kentucky National Guard":

Alney was 2nd lieutenant of Company C, Livermore (McLean), Kentucky 1916-1917


Elsie, Hubert, Alney and Eva Haley's, Atherton's, Mohon and Dris___
Back row: WD, ____, Eva, Elsie, ____, ____, ____, Bill
Front row: Hubert, Edwin
Elsie, Hubert, Alney and Eva


Eva, WD & Elsie 1948 Left to right are Sara Sims, Tilly (Matilda), Aunt May (Rachel and Ada's sister), Rachel, ___  (one of her brothers?) Zelma Lee? and then Aunt Ada and Jean & Joan. Eva, Alney & Rachel 1948


  8th Street, Albuquerque, NM circa 1945 apartment of Eva and Alney Atherton,
photo taken in 2008




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