Henry Harrison King


  H.H. King house, Corydon, Kentucky  



In the special field of insurance adjusting Henry Harrison King is universally regarded as a man of extraordinary ability, enjoying a reputation far beyond the boundaries of his own section of the state, and the King-Smith Adjusting Company of which he is the senior partner, is one of the leading concerns in its line in the state.

Mr. King was born at King's Mills, in Henderson county, Kentucky, on the 22nd of March, 1858, a son of George W. and Mary { Quinn} King. The father was born in Suffolk, Virginia, in 1827, and died in Corydon, Kentucky, in October, 1918. He was a contractor and builder and also gave some attention to farming. He was a democrate and an official member of the Christian church. His parents, James and Elizabeth (Liversay) King, were natives of Virginia, whence they came to Henderson County, Kentucky, about 1830. They both died in Fulton county, Kentucky, of yellow fever, during an epidemic of that disease in 1860. James King was a merchant, a democrate and a member of the Christian church. Our subject's mother, who was born in Henderson county and died in Webster county, Kentucky, was a daughter of Samuel and Catherine (Powell) Quinn, of Webster county, where her father was engaged in farming.

Henry Harrison King was educated in the district schools of Webster county and at the age of eighteen years he became an apprentice to the printer's trade, at which he worked four years. He then became a salesman for C.L. and H.A. King, dealers in general merchandise at Corydon. A few years later he engaged in the drug business at Corydon in partnership with J.C. Hardwick, under the firm name of Hardcwick & King. Aftert the death of Mr. Hardwick the firm name was changed to the Corydon Drug Company. He then became local agent for Continental Insurance Company, being located at Corydon until November 1899, when he accepted the position of special agent and adjuster for that company. In 1912 he was appointed state agent of the farm deparetment of the Continental Insurance Company for the state of Kentucky, holding that position until 1924, when he resigned to become an independent adjustor for insurance companies. In December of the same year he and Auber Smith., of Paduchah, Kentucky, organized the King-Smith Adjusting Company, with the main office at Paduchah and a branch office at Henderson, and the business is still being successfully carried on by these gentlemen. Me. King'a record has been one that has gained him the universal confidence of all who are familiar with the character and quality of his work, and he is enjoying a steadily growing patronage.

In April, 1885, at Corydon, Mr. King was married to Miss Emma Dixon Compton, who was born in Henderson county, July 8, 1858, and is a daughter of Dr. George L. and Mary Susan (Talbett-(sic) Compton. Dr. Compton was born in Breckinridge county, Kentucky, and died in Henderson county. He was a graduate of the Louisville School of Medicine and was for many years engaged in practice on Frog Island Farm near Henderson. He was a democrate and a member of the Baptist church. His parents, Jerry and Nancy (Ball} Compton, were natives of Breckinridge county, Kentucky, and his father died near Cloverport, where he had followed farming. His mother's death occurred in Henderson. Mrs. King's mother was a native of Henderson county, where also her death occurred, and she was a daughter of John and Rhoda (Hart)Talbott, the former of whom was one of the first settlers and pioneer farmers of Henderson county, where they both died. Mr. Talbott was a democrate and a membert of the Baptist church. Mrs. King was educated in the Greewnville (Kentucky) Presbyterian School and the public schools of Henderson County. She is an active member of the Baptist church, the Order of the Eastern Star of Corydon, and the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem at Owensboro. Mr. and Mrs. King are the parents of two children. Mary C. born in January, 1887, is the wife of J. T. Wilson, Jr., of Henderson, and they have three children, Emily King, Jean Ashbey (sic) and Thomas. Agnes Jeanett (sic), born August 8, 1891, is the wife of Dr. W.B. Negley, a practicing physician at Sorgho, Kentucky, and they have a daughter, Lucy King. Dr. Negley was a First Lieutenant and saw eighteen months of overseas service during the World War.

Politically Mr. King has been a lifelong democrate and is a member of the Missionary Baptist church at Corydon. He belongs to Corydon Lodge No. 799, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, of which he is past master. He has been true and loyal in every relation of life, has always enjoyed the fullest measure of respect throughout the range of his acquaintenance and is regarded as one of the representative men of his section of the state.

History of Kentucky, Biographical, Volume IV, p. 332, 333 The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago-Louisville, 1928

Pussle: The 1850 Henderson County census No. 692, Dist. 2, lists Mary E. Age 13 as the second child of eith children of Samuel T. and nancy G. Quinn. Census No. 693 (probably the next farm) lists George W., age 21, as the son of Jamesw and Caroline King.

More: The deed*, PK13 p. 269, dated July 1857, is signed by George W. King and Mry E. King and George's parents, James H. King and Caroline King.

From the deed we know that James and Caroline were parents of George. But who was Mary E's mother? Was she the Nancy G. Quinn listed in the 1850 census or the Catherine Powell Quinn in the Biographical Histroy above? A possibility is that Mary E. was the daughter of Samuel's First Wife, Catherine, and the stepdaughter of Nancy G.

*Sale of King's Mill farm, by James H. King to George M. F. Willett in 1857.




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