William Webb
married Frances Young  (daughter of Henry Young)
1771 in Granville County, NC
and they had 8 children, one of whom was
Rachael Frances Webb
who married  
Mark Howard
and they had 14 children

one of whom was
Elizabeth Howard
who married
Henry Owen
and they had 12 children
born from

one of whom was
Rachael Frances Owen   born 8-7-1834
who married
William Tucker
and they had 6 children
born from

one of whom was
Lydia Tucker  born 11-8-1863
who married
Aaron Atherton
and they had 9 children
born from

one of whom was
Rachael Frances Atherton
born 6-9-1884; died 1-30-61 age 76

who married
William Haley
died 4-29-51 age 68
and they had 3 children
born from

one of whom was
Edwin Dalton Haley
born 4-9-20; d. 11-21-74 age 54
who married

Lucy King Negley
b. 10-4-1921; d. 8-25-99 age 78
and they had 3 children
 born from

The Howard family came from Essex, England, and were descendants of Sir Henry Howard, Earl of Essex.
Mark Howard had four brothers, all of whom settled in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.
Mark had been in Kentucky already. By
1803, he moved Rachael to Daviess County, KY, and settled in the area of Green Brier Church, south of Panther Creek, when there were only 2-3 families in Daviess County.







Children: Elisha b. 2-26-1883;
Rachael Frances b. 6-9-1884;
Ada b. 6-26-1886;
Matilda b. 4-29-1888; Alney b. 3-18-1905;
Kelly Hale b. 3-19-1895;
Hubert Young b. 3-19-1905.
Susie and Hester died in infancy.)


Charles Haley b.
William D. Haley b.
Edwin Dalton Haley b. 4-9-1920
 all born in Owensboro, KY




Jane Todd Haley b. 4-5-1947 Washington D.C.;
Steven Scott Haley b. 3-18-1950 Oxford, Ohio;
Mark Winston Haley b.11-7-1955 Albuquerque, NM





Haley Family
Webb to Haley
William D Haley, Sr.
Charles Haley
William D. Haley, Jr.
Edwin Dalton Haley
Atherton Family
Alney Atherton
Rachael Frances Atherton
Negley Family
William Bennett Negley
Cornelia Bennett Negley
Lucy King Negley

Bennett Family
William Evans Bennett
Lucy Ann Bennett

King Family
Henry H King
Agnes Jeanette King