Rachel Frances Atherton Haley
Born June 9, 1884
Died January 30, 1961, Owensboro, Kentucky



Rachel circa 1904
Daughter of Aaron Atherton and Lydia Tucker
Rachel and her sisters Ada and Matilda Ada and Rachel


Haley residence
522 Daviess St, Owensboro, Kentucky
(now torn down)

Eva, Elsie and Rachel January 1931

Hubert & Elsie Atherton home
3329 Purdue Place, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Elisha, Rachel, Ada, Kelly Left to right are Sara Sims, Tillie (Matilda), Aunt May (Rachel and Ada's sister), Rachel, Kelly Jr.?, Zelma Lee?, Aunt Ada and Jean & Joan.
(per Marcia, Kelly ran Channel 14 TV Station in Evansville).
  S.Y. Hayes Birthday Party, Madisonville, Kentucky
Hyla, Ada, Rachel, Bill, Sarah, Edwin


  Bill, Rachel, WD and Ed Rachel 1930s


Rachel, Ada and May

Rachel and others

Rachel, Ada, Mae, Elisha and Kelly  


Rachel and Marcia 1949


Cornelia Negley and Rachel Haley
Rachel and Jane  


Rachel circa 1945. She wears Ed's pilots wings. STERLING pilot's wings from World War II.   View Mabel, Rachel and Lucy Haley


  Rachel and WD  


  Indian Rocks, Florida, may be where the pictures of WD and Rachel were taken in the 1940s.  



Jean, Rachel, Joan

Rachel and Joan 1948



QUILT Texas Star pattern in lavender and pastels by Grandmother Rachael Atherton Haley.   View   View   Grand Mother RACHAEL, Bill, Mary and Audrey showing the Texas Star quilt on the bed. QUILT broken star pattern in red, orange, blue, pink and green by Grandmother Rachael Atherton Haley.   View   View









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